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Congress of

the European Society of 

Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology 

Transfers, Bridges and Frontiers

in Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology



Virtual Congress

6-9 November 2021

ESPO 2021


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November 2021

Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues,

In a month's time our ESPO Congress will take place. Since Stockholm in 2018, wonderfully organised by our President Ann Hermansson, our daily professional and family lives have been impacted and modified by a health crisis which now seems to be easing, but which nevertheless prompts us to be cautious about what the future holds even if we all hope to regain freedom of movement soon.

The decision to turn our in-person Congress into a virtual meeting was a carefully considered decision made by the ESPO Board, but it was also painful. However, the diminished conviviality which will mark our next meeting has not distracted me from the objective of building the most comprehensive scientific program possible. I thank all those involved - doctors, sponsors, technicians and PCOs - for their trust and their help.

This Congress, the programme for which you will find on the Congress website, is being constantly refined on a daily basis, so please check it regularly.

The scientific program will consist of 79 sessions, 5 Keynotes, 36 free paper sessions, a background film and the presentation of approximately 250 posters.

There will be something for everyone in the Keynote Sessions: these are short, state-of-the-art presentations by leaders in our specialty, each of which will take stock of a specific area in paediatric otolaryngology while relating it to medicine in general.

There are meetings between juniors and seniors around practical, daily themes, and I asked the faculty to devise a format that was collegiate rather than academic. Sessions such as Round Tables, How I Do It, Workshops and Debates will highlight all aspects of our specialty.

The Free Paper sessions will allow Colleagues to present their clinical and basic research work, while Juniors will be able to present their videos in a "Live Video Session - e-Film Contest"

Break times during these two-and-a-half days will be used for Symposia which will enable our industry sponsors to share their recent news with us.

I look forward to seeing you very soon for these two-and-a-half days of intense and stimulating activity!

Jean Michel TRIGLIA

Dear delegates, dear friends,

Marseille 2021 is now over, after two and a half days of intense work.

I would like to sincerely thank all the delegates and all the sponsors. First of all, to have been faithful to this congress despite the various postponements, then to have participated in an unusual format for this type of event, which brought together more than a thousand people.

To the speakers, moderators and chairmen - you have greatly contributed to its success through the quality of your talks. Your participation made this event a success according to the first messages received. Allow me to address a thought to the young physicians of the ESPO for having involved themselves with such efficiency and energy in this meeting and to congratulate our PCO Abbey, who really knew how to organize a virtual international congress.

It is interesting to note that all the delegates will be able to have access to all the contents of this meeting during the next six months.
This will be the added value of Marseille 2021 ESPO Meeting. Registered delegates will be notified when the recordings are available to view.

I was really delighted and very honored to have organized this congress and now I pass the torch on to Ray Clarke and his team from Liverpool to organize the next meeting in May 2023. I am sure that we will all be there physically, to share the conviviality that we lacked in Marseille.

For pediatric ENT specialists, may the world of tomorrow continue to be a world of shared ideals and authentic fraternity.

Continue to take care of yourself and your family.

With my very best wishes
Jean Michel Triglia


October 2021

March 2021

ESPO Goes Virtual Announcement

Dear Friends, dear Colleagues,

ESPO Marseille Goes Virtual - 6-9th November 2021. 

We hope you are keeping well in these strange and uncertain times.

With the ever-changing restrictions that at present limit travel and prohibit large gatherings the ESPO Board has been forced to take the decision to pivot ESPO Marseille 2021 from a live conference to a virtual conference for November 2021. Emerging new variants of coronavirus make it likely that some pandemic restrictions will continue into next autumn/winter despite the vaccination programmes which are currently underway. Therefore we have had to accept that a virtual conference is the best way to make an ESPO meeting happen this year. We look forward to seeing you at this ESPO Virtual Conference on the same dates as previously confirmed - the 6-9 November 2021.

We will be providing a world-class selection of speakers and sessions and are still showcasing Marseille and the Provence throughout the virtual conference. The virtual conference will be CME accredited and all sessions will be recorded and available to view up to 6 months after the congress.

The Virtual Programme is now available (updated August 2021). 

Registration is now open and you can register via this link


We look forward to seeing you all virtually!

Professor Jean-Michel Triglia

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Virtual, 6-9 November 2021

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