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E-Film Contest
DEADLINE : Sunday 10th October 2021

All films will be available to be viewed during the ESPO conference.

The 3 best videos will be shown during a live session.

The best film will receive a prize.

The videos must be educational: Routine surgery with clear description of pearls and pitfalls ; Step by step explanation of a clinical examination (or audio, vestibular, etc.).

> Please follow the IVORY video guidelines:

Technical specifications:

  • Length: 3 minutes recommended (5 minutes maximum)

  • Vocal narration is compulsory and in English only

  • Resolution: 1080p (Full-HD) or 720p (HD)

  • Format: *.mp4 compulsory. MPEG-4 AVC (H264) codec is recommended.

  • Size file: 250 Mo maximum size

  • Bitrate: must be ≤ 8Mb/s

  • Films must be anonymous and signed consent must be obtained to authorise online public posting

To send the film

Please send the film to the following address

Using a link (Google Drive, Dropbox, Wetransfer, etc.)


Please include the following information about yourself

  • Author name and email

  • Author age and current position

  • Co-author names (if any)

  • Nationality

  • Hospital name, town, country


Please include the following information about the film

  • Title

  • Short abstract (150 words maximum)

  • Film length (minutes:seconds)

  • Size of the film (Mo)

Film resolution (1080p, 720p, etc.)

Virtual, 6-9 November 2021

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